MATLAB User Area

This area is dedicated to scientists, engineers and others who use the power of MATLAB to solve data analysis problems every day. In order to help you out, we are providing this area where MATLAB users can exchange their code. The functions included here can be easily downloaded and you can start using them in minutes. Here we've posted user contributed functions along with some of our own work. You can also obtain free evaluation/demonstration licenses for our commercial software. See our software page for more information on these packages.

A note about support: These functions are supplied as-is and there is no guarantee that they will operate for your given application. We cannot provide support on these functions. A good number of these functions are now included in PLS_Toolbox and/or our other commercial products and we do offer full support for those products (including the free demo versions of that software). If you experience problems need assistance, we suggest you request a demo license.

Functions in the MATLAB User Area:

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Documents in MATLAB User Area:

Some general documentation MATLAB users might find useful.

Would you like to contribute your code?

If you would like to contribute code to this area, please send a message to Contributors please be sure to include information about what your codes does, what version of MATLAB it runs under and what other toolboxes are required, if any. Of course, we would be especially pleased to recieve PLS_Toolbox compatible functions! If you'd like a Username and Password for accessing the PLS_Toolbox user functions, see our download page.