Missing Data Scaling Functions

These functions can be used with data sets with missing values for mean centering (mdmncn.m), autoscaling (mdauto.m), scaling down (mdscale.m) and rescale up (mdrescal.m) data sets with missing values. Each of the functions uses a flag to indicate the location of missing data. They can be used with the PLS_Toolbox function for PCA with missing data (mdpca.m) prior to using it.

Requirements for running missing data scaling functions

  • MATLAB 5.0
  • No other toolboxes required
  • Must be a registered PLS_Toolbox user.

Developed by:

Barry M. Wise
Eigenvector Research, Inc.

Download mdmncn, mdauto, mdscale or mdrescal

To get them for Mac, simply click on mdmncn.m for Mac, mdauto.m for Mac, mdscale.m for Mac or mdrescal.m for Mac. To get the PC versions, click on mdmncn.m for PC, mdauto.m for PC, mdscale.m for PC or mdrescal.m for PC. Enter your username and password, then move the files to a folder on your MATLAB path and you're done.

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