Instrument Standardization for Non-square Systems

The function stdgenns.m can be used to standardize two spectrometers that have different numbers of channels against each other. It is assumed, however, that both instruments span the same wavelength range. The function uses a variant of the piecewise direct method of standardization where a window of channels on the instrument to be standardized is used to predict a single channel on the standard instrument. The function will pick the channels such that the channel to be predicted in the standard instrument is as close as possible to being in the center of the window of channels in the instrument to be standardized. If the window width is set to zero, a variant of the direct method of standardization will be used. The stdize.m function (included in PLS_Toolbox 1.5.3) for applying transforms to new data has also been rewritten in order to accomadate non-square transfer matrices.

Requirements for running stdgenns and stdize

  • MATLAB 5.0
  • No other toolboxes required
  • Must be a registered PLS_Toolbox user.

Developed by:

Barry M. Wise
Eigenvector Research, Inc.

Download stdgenns.m and stdize.m

To get them, simply click on stdgenns.m for Mac, or stdgenns.m for PC, or stdize.m for Mac, or stdize.m for PC. Enter your username and password. Move the files to a folder on your MATLAB path and you're done.

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