Software for use with MATLAB®

Advanced Chemometrics Software for use with MATLAB®
PLS_Toolbox is a collection of essential and advanced chemometric routines that work within the MATLAB® computational environment. It contains the tools that chemical engineers, analytical chemists and other scientists require to explore their data and build predictive models. Even less experienced users can perform powerful analyses with interactive state-of-the-art tools. PLS_Toolbox incorporates the most advanced suite of multi-way tools available in the world as well as a vast array of other functions.
Multivariate Image Analysis add-on for PLS_Toolbox
MIA_Toolbox expands PLS_Toolbox functionality by including many image-specific functions, and builds on PLS_Toolbox interfaces to make analysis of multivariate images simple and intuitive. MIA_Toolbox allows users to load, manipulate, and analyze multivariate images in the Analysis graphical interface, and employ many of the higher-level command-line functions. Requires current version of PLS_Toolbox.
Extended Multiplicative Scatter Correction add-on for PLS_Toolbox
EMSC_Toolbox is a patented, powerful preprocessing technique to isolate and remove complicated multiplicative and additive effects. It expands on the popular Multiplicative Scatter/Signal Correction technique by offering much improved flexibility in selecting backgrounds to subtract known interferences as well as scaling targets and known analyte spectra. Requires current version of PLS_Toolbox.
DataSet Object (DSO)
Standard Data Object for managing multivariate data in MATLAB®
When added to a MATLAB installation, DSO creates a new object in MATLAB® that integrates all of the separate components associated with a data set into a single variable in the MATLAB® workspace. It is applicable to any data which requires storing auxiliary information along with the data itself. Prior to this breakthrough application created by Eigenvector, there has been no standard way to associate all the parts of a data set that go together, including the sample and variable labels, class variables, time and wavelength axes, etc.

Other Products

Floating License Server
Floating License Server for PLS_Toolbox and Solo
Allows multiple users to share a single copy of PLS_Toolbox or Solo. Operates on a server located on-site and issues temporary licenses to users as they need to use the software.

Stand-Alone Software

Stand-alone Chemometrics Software in a point-and-click environment
Solo allows the user to perform PLS, PCA and many other multivariate analyses independent of the MATLAB® environment. Solo includes the main PLS_Toolbox graphical user interfaces for quickly managing and analyzing data, authoring and applying models and interpreting results. Data can be imported from a variety of different file types and quickly assembled into convenient DataSet objects. Modeling and analyzing results is just a matter of drag-and-drop of the data to the comprehensive Analysis GUI.
Solo with Multivariate Image Analysis functionality
Solo+MIA combines the stand-along graphical environment of Solo with the Multivariate Image Analysis (MIS) tools from our popular MIA_Toolbox (see above description.) This combination allows users to apply multivariate analysis tools directly to image data and view the results in image format.

Prediction Engines

Stand-alone Prediction Engine
Solo_Predictor is an easy and economical way to use PLS_Toolbox or Solo models and preprocessing on-line. This all-in-one product takes users from collected data to useable information and includes a wide range of interfacing options to simplify connection to existing clients and data management systems. It supports all preprocessing methods available in the custom preprocessing interface of PLS_Toolbox or Solo, all standard PLS_Toolbox and Solo model types, and instrument standardization developed in PLS_Toolbox or Solo in the new CalTransfer GUI.
Add model prediction capability to third-party software with this add-on for PLS_Toolbox and Solo
Model_Exporter is a unique and powerful way to add fast and flexible model prediction capability to any third-party software package without the need for outside libraries or toolboxes. Model_Exporter, an add-on product for PLS_Toolbox and Solo, exports models into a stand-alone "predictor" script which includes a simple-to-implement formula to perform a model prediction. Add the power of multivariate modeling to a proprietary application or simply apply models in MATLAB®, Octave, Tcl, or SymbionTM without the need for costly 3rd party toolboxes or libraries.