Technology Partners

The software, training and consulting teams of Eigenvector Research proudly partner with various industry leaders to provide better integration, complete solutions, and new products. Here are some of those partners and how they work with us. We also have technical information in our documentation wiki about how our software interfaces with some of these partners' products.

Kaiser Optical Systems, Inc. is a world leader in spectrographic instrumentation and applied holographic technology. Principal products include Raman sensors and instrumentation, advanced holographic components for spectroscopy, telecommunications, astronomy and ultra-fast sciences. Kaiser Optical Systems is a distributor of Eigenvector Research software products and a technology partner for our Solo_Predictor product.
OPOTEK manufactures Spectral Imaging (HyperSpectral) instruments for a wide range of applications: inspection of raw materials (Pharmaceutical, food), detection of trace contaminants (explosives, food), and composition of finished products (Pharmaceutical, Forensic). These novel devices are based on OPOTEK's patented technology in which tunable lasers are utilized as the illumination source. OPOTEK partners with Eigenvector to provide an integrated environment for their users providing simple data importing and direct connection to the Solo product family.
Ondalys is a consulting and training company in chemometrics. Ondalys experts assist companies in the agrofood, pharma, petrochem areas in interpreting instrumental – spectroscopic – and sensory data, in order to obtain all the relevant information and provide efficient decision-aid tools. As a technology partner, Ondalys extensively uses Eigenvector software packages for consulting services and building home-made data processing methods. Ondalys also provides training sessions in chemometrics with MATLAB and Eigenvector software in France and in Europe.
Agilent's singular focus on measurement helps scientists, researchers and engineers address their toughest challenges with precision and confidence. With the help of Agilent's products and services, they are better able to deliver the breakthroughs that make a measurable difference. Agilent partners as a reseller of Eigenvector Research software and by enabling devices to use models exported using Model_Exporter.
4TUNE ENGINEERING LTD ® is a knowledge-based company providing pharma, biopharma and other companies unique services and products that reduce time-to-market, accelerate product/process development and improve manufacturing margins, through science & engineering based quality-by-design approaches. As a technology partner, 4TUNE makes use of Eigenvector technology in their off-the-shelf and custom software products and in their consulting services.
HORIBA Scientific is a global team created to better meet customers' present and future needs by integrating the scientific instrumentation and applications expertise and resources of HORIBA. HORIBA Scientific offerings encompass a wide range of analytical instrumentation including Fluorescence, Raman and Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectroscopy. Horiba is a distributor of Eigenvector Research software products including embedded analysis solutions and off-the-shelf products, and a partner in our consulting services.
Applied Instrument Technologies (AIT) delivers process analytical technology solutions to the leading companies of the world. They design and manufacture robust process development and on-line analyzers for quantitative and qualitative analysis, including FTIR, FTNIR, NIR, Raman, Process Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometer systems. AIT is a reseller of the PLS Toolbox, Solo and Solo_Predictor software, interfaces with Solo_Predictor and PLS_Toolbox as prediction engines, and uses Eigenvector Research technology for their SpectraQuant software.
Cobalt Light Systems develops products and technology for non-invasive sub-surface analysis. Cobalt's instruments analyse the contents of intact tablets and capsules in seconds, screen containers for security threats and identify the contents of unopened sacks, bottles and tubs. Cobalt's TRS100 pharmaceutical analysis instrument and its ContentQC software uses Eigenvector Research's Solo product for chemometric analysis.
Optimal Industrial Automation Ltd is one of the longest established system integrators in the industry having been in business for 25 years. Optimal has considerable experience in all forms of industrial automation from process through to discrete automation and from the shop floor to the ERP. Optimal often works with clients to optimise their productivity and efficiency or minimise their use of consumables such as energy. Optimal has been a leading PAT provider for over 12 years with its PAT Data Management Product synTQ. synTQ is used my many leading manufacturers as an integral part of their PAT process, and integrates very tightly with Eigenvector's Solo product line. Optimal is a partner in Eigenvector's consulting services where the complimentary skill sets can be used to good advantage by our clients.
Indatech provides innovative optical solutions for characterizing inline complex products such as liquids (e.g. mammalian cells or particles in suspension) or solids (tablet, patches, powder, polymer and composite, cookies...) for the biotech, pharma, petrochemical, and food industries. The technology relies on patented spatially-resolved spectroscopy approach (SAM-Spec and SAM-Flex), hyperspectral imaging and Raman. Hy-ternity® system can analyze products in-line and without contact at less than 0.3ms. Eigenvector Research and Indatech partner to provide hyperspectral imaging solutions with Solo+MIA and process analysers with SynTQ and Solo_Predictor.
ASD Inc. (formerly Analytical Spectral Devices, Inc.) is recognized across the globe for providing high-performance spectroscopy solutions to industrial and scientific markets. The ASD team solves real-world materials measurement problems using near-infrared technology. Spectra from ASD systems can easily be imported into Solo and PLS_Toolbox for performing modeling and predictions.
Brimrose is the world leader in Electro-Optic technology with OEM commercial and R&D activities that include all major photonic applications. They have addressed the rapid growing need of various fiber optic components and offer AOTF Hyperspectral Imagers for imaging, spectroscopy, ecophysiological, and agricultural applications. We have partnered to provide easy implementation of PLS_Toolbox and Solo models in the hand-held line of Brimrose analyzers.
JDSU Optical Security and Performance Products group develops and delivers high value optical components and solutions that enhance the security, safety and other performance attributes of its customers' products. The MicroNIR™ spectrometer is an ultra-compact, near-infrared (NIR) spectrometer that supports on-site, non-destructive, point-of-use, and rapid material identification as well as constituent quantification of food, feed, industrial, and chemical materials. The dispersing element, detector, light source, collection optics, and electronics are fully integrated in one small USB-powered palm-size device weighing less than 60 grams. JDSU partners with Eigenvector to provide easy access to the Solo product family from their analyzers.